Custom data manager

You can define your own data manager or extend the existing one to change any of the default behaviour. Instead of passing a data prop, simply pass a dataManager prop. It needs to have two methods: initialize and getData.

import {Grid} from "react-bootstrap";
import {Table, Column} from "react-tisch";

class DataManager {
     * Very basic example for implementing your own data manager

    constructor() { = [{index: 0, data: {name: 'Joe'}}, {index: 1, data: {name: 'Mike'}}];

    initialize(columns, onNewDataReceived) {
         * Called when the table is mounted

    getData(state) {
         * Called when the table state changes.
         * For async data fetching, return null and call onNewDataReceived
         * when the new data is ready
        return {
            filterOptions: [[]],

const dataManager = new DataManager();

    <Table dataManager={dataManager}>
        <Column value={row =>}>Name</Column>


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