Simple example

Building a react-tisch table is easy, you only need 3 things.

1. The data

const sampleData = [
    "name": "Ida Roach",
    "eyeColor": "blue",
    "tags": ["magna", "in", "labore", "aliqua", "veniam"]

2. Cell definitions

One of react-tisch main strengths is that you can use react components in the table's cells.

import {Glyphicon, Label} from "react-bootstrap";

const EyeColor = function ({eyeColor}) {
    return <Glyphicon glyph="eye-open" style={{color: eyeColor}}/>

const Tags = function ({tags}) {
    return <div>{, i) =>
            <Label bsStyle="default" key={i}>{tag}</Label>)}</div>

3. Table definition

To define the react-tisch table, you need to render the Table component with Column components as immediate children inside a React-Bootstrap container. The Column component should contain the column title (which can also be a react component), and need at least to have the prop "value", which is a function taking the row as argument and returning the cell value.

import {Grid} from "react-bootstrap";
import {Table, Column} from "react-tisch";

    <Table data={sampleData}>
        <Column value={row =>}>Name</Column>
        <Column filter value={EyeColor} rawValue={row => row.eyeColor}>Eye color</Column>
        <Column value={Tags}>Tags</Column>


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